How public speaking will impact your child to be successful leader in the future and their career?

Your child will learn to master the technique of Public Speaking and Communication  



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Here’s what we would love to do for your child!

For youth between the age of 8-20 years old who has

Lack of Confidence

Get nervous of scared when speaking in public

Shy and Introverted

Having a hard time to speak in public and even small group

Incorrect body language and eye contact

Constant fidgeting, always looking down

Negative speech patterns 

Using uhs and ahs constantly in their speech


The program aims to guide your children step by step on how to conquer that fear and become a better speaker in the future. 

The skills of communication will grant your child advantages to get what they want in future career.

Why Livesmart?

Livesmart is a dedicated and revolutionary training company in the Asia Pacific that focused on youth. Based in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia.
We provide Self Development Programme for children, teenagers and parents to embed them the top skills they need, to be the most advanced and skillful individual in this digital era of the 21st Century.

Empowered The Lives Of More Than 201,096 Student Across 8 Countries In Asia

This course will be taught through an interactive online course with assessments on our e-Learning platform used by thousands of our students.

We have commited to empower your child with these essential skills of public speaking


Your child will gain the ability to speak confidently and charismatically.


Your child will be able to stand out among other students, even from a young age!


Your child will be able to easily connect with other people and expand his social circle


Your child will have a good body language and eye contact during presentations




Mother of Hrithik

"Thank you so much in making a difference in Hrithik’s life. He has stepped out of his comfort zone and is able to speak up more in the public. His teacher has been saying that there are a lot of improvement and he has been asking good questions in class!"


15 Years old

"I think in school is not enough to equip me in public speaking skills even in school I got to do public speaking. So I enrolled in this program and really satisfied with the way they taught me. Now I'm more confident and not nervous anymore when do public speaking."


12 Years old

"Mr. Amin bring the lesson in a fun way. So the learning process is enjoyable and not boring at all. The assignment given were really helpful for me to make my presentation more engaging."

What makes LIVESMART EXCELLENCE ACADEMY different than other online learning:

  • Taught through Interactive video modules and has been modify  for children with 8-19 Years old. Indeed, the learning process will be so fun and understandable for children
  • There are total 8 video modules provided with workbook summary and assignment/test
  • Professional master trainer with 15 years experience and specialized in this subjects
  • On the last session, participant would be asked to record their presentation and send directly to trainer for giving feedback/improvement privately. So participant will be taught practically and not only theoritically

Parents! Now it's time to give our Child provided skills with exciting and interactive online modules.











Course Curriculum

Eps 1: Why you need to mastery public speaking since young
Eps 2: Fundamental of public speaking
Eps 3: How to writing out your speech
Eps 4: Secret technique of Public Speaking
Eps 5: Bad habits to avoid during presentation
Eps 6: Know your audience
Eps 7: Body posture and gesture
Eps 8: Recap and test (Children must record themselves and send to the trainer)

Our Master Trainer

Mr. Amin Morni

Amin Morni is a highly sought after facilitator in personal and career development in the region. His engaging and humorous style of facilitation allows him to connect with his participants and helps them develop their skills and attain personal and professional excellence in their lives. Amin has had over 15 years of experience facilitating and training people from various walks of life. He is able to utilize these experiences to connect individuals from various backgrounds into a cohesive team that is able to appreciate and understand each other’s diversity.

  • Trained over 100 000 participants across Asia – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand & India.
  • Over 17 years of Expert Experience In Accelerated Learning, Training Motivation in both Students and Adults.
  • Degree in Computing Science, NUS
  • Certified Human Behavioural Analyst (DiSC)
  • Certified TetraMap Facilitator, Tetramap International
  • Accredited FIRO-B profiling tool consultant
  • Certified Strong-Interest Career Counsellor

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🎞️Playing For A Limited Time Only! Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.